Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lulu's first day of 1st grade and J's first day of pre pre prek

I've had all of Lulu's books and planning done for 1st grade for about a month now.  I was hoping to start school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Lulu has had her own plan.  She has been asking DAILY since about the beginning of June to start school.  I have finally caved.  When she asked me this morning if we could start school I said yes!  I can't tell you how much I absolutely LOVE homeschooling my children.  It is wonderful to be able to spend the day with them.  I love that we start each day with prayer and bible study.  I love that we eat lunch together everyday.  I love that Lulu and I snuggle on the couch during reading time.  I love to see Lulu teaching J his letters and colors.  I love to watch my little people play during break time.  I love that I can still choose who her friends are.  We have the most amazing group of homeschooling friends.  I love that I am in charge of what Lulu is learning.  I love that we aren't rushing in the evening to get the dreaded homework done.  I could go on and on.  I am so very blessed to be able to stay home and teach my children.  Here are some pics from our first day of school.

I love that we can school barefoot

Can't leave the little man out!

puzzle and math time

Eating 101 is still J's favorite subject

Sometimes we take schoolwork to the desk

Other times we take schoolwork to the most comfortable and scenic place in our house.  I love this rocker.  Lauren and I have spent many hours in this rocker reading and sometimes watching the deer in the wet lands.

all smiles after a successful day...if only they all could go this well ;)