Friday, September 3, 2010

1st week of homeschooling

Well, I had all intentions of at least blogging weekly. As you can see from my last post, I may need to change that goal to yearly :) We started our first "official" week of kindergarden this week and it was crazy! Two unexpected trips to the doctors office, 6 hours of tech work on our computer, a dgl meeting, a starting the homeschool year party, and a sweet little baby that spent the week sick, crying and only wanting to be held by momma. Needless to say, the week has not gone as planned. In fact, not one day went as planned. I know that our schedule has be flexible. This week was definately a test in how flexible we can be. All and all it went okay. Here are a couple of pics from the first day.

J enjoying his morning class...Eating 101

On the first day of school my mom always took a picture of me and the boys in front of the door.

Lulu thought we needed a pic of her "thinking" on the first day of school

"Thinking" about math

Lulu taking her first spelling pretest. This girl has got great handwriting.